Shift opens dedicated workshop in Stockholm

Following of the opening of its Helsinki workshop last year Shift announces the opening of its new workshop in the Stockholm area.

New hub in the region

The workshop will be a new hub for Shift in the region combining workshop and regional office. With this new opening, Shift is extending its offering for customers in the region with extended possibilities for repair and maintenance from this new location. 

The mobile service units in the region will use this new workshop as a new hub in the region reinforcing the local position on the market and creating a tighter connection with our customers in the area.

"It is very exciting to finally open our Stockholm hub. We have had a long preparation phase and dialogues with the real estate owners. For us, it is a chance to take over an existing bus workshop and have the possibility to be able to open a new facility without too much renovation. I am glad we can soon meet the customer demand in the region. With both bus fleet owners and upcoming trucks in the region we are very excited to welcome our first customers.”

Thomas Sabathier, CEO at Shift

State-of-the-art workshop

Taking over an existing workshop designed for commercial vehicles, Shift provides its customer with a state-of-the-art bus and truck workshop. The new hub consists of several workshop bays, with the extended possibility to even welcome the longest buses on the market. 

With large parking areas and fast chargers this aims to become a snapchot of what the future has in store for the commercial vehicle aftermarket operation.

With a new regional office moving from the city to the workshop, this is a perfect location to receive customers and showcase current operations and capabilities.

Clear market standpoint

With the opening of the new Stockholm hub, Shift extends its footprint in Sweden but also reinforces its market position as a commercial EV specialist.

“For us it is important to be present in Nordic capital region. This is where the highest concentration of commercial EVs will operate starting with buses and distribution trucks. Our customers expects us here. Though, we aim at being a specialist and will solely serve electric vehicles. We need to mark a clear standpoint from the aftermarket perspective: the future is electric.”

Thomas Sabathier, CEO at Shift

Girovägen 1, 175 62 Järfälla

Elin Wennstig

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