Shift and Jeti sign letter of intent to form partnership in aftermarkets solutions

Shift Electric Mobility AB and Jeti Industries Oy announce today the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) to explore a strategic partnership in the provision of aftersales services for electric buses across the Nordic region.

The LOI outlines the intentions of both companies to enter into a service partner agreement wherein Shift would serve as Jeti’s designated service partner in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Under this potential agreement, Shift would provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services, including warranty repairs and spare parts distribution, for Jeti's range of bus models throughout the Territory.

“We are thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with Jeti Industries Oy. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision to enable OEMs by providing high-quality aftermarkets services and support to the growing electric bus market in the Nordic region. Jeti occupies a unique position on the market, one we believe will see significant growth in the years ahead. Together, we aim to provide a standout solution in this highly competitive market.”

- Thomas Sabathier, CEO at Shift Electric Mobility

A Shared Commitment to Innovation

Jeti Industries Oy is renowned for its dedication to sustainable zero-emission transport solutions, perfectly complementing SHIFT's vision. This partnership underscores a joint commitment to advancing technology and ecological sustainability.

Empowering Electric Transit

By combining SHIFT's expertise in aftermarket services for complex fleets with Jeti's cutting-edge electric bus technology, the collaboration aims to empower bus operators with efficient and sustainable solutions. The focus is on minimizing costs and simplifying maintenance, ensuring seamless and reliable operations.

Driving Sustainability Forward

SHIFT and Jeti are united in their mission to reduce emissions and operational costs, accelerating the electrification of city transit systems. Through European high-tech solutions and smart construction of the bus, the partnership aims to make electric bus ownership simple and efficient from an aftersales point of view.

A Bright Future Ahead

Shift Electric Mobility AB and Jeti Industries Oy are at the forefront of innovation in electric mobility. This LOI marks a significant step forward for the companies to put on the market a true Nordic alternative.

“Jeti Industries Ltd is delighted to announce its collaboration with Shift Electric Mobility. Following extensive technical meetings with Shift Electric Mobility personnel and a thorough audit of their processes, I am thoroughly convinced of the expertise within their team. At Jeti, we are dedicated to Nordic sustainability and advanced technology, making Shift an ideal aftersales partner for us. With the support of Shift, we can rapidly expand our business throughout the Nordic region.”

– Niko Andersson, CTO at Jeti Industries Ltd

About Jeti Industries

Jeti Industries, an upcoming bus manufacturer from Finland, prioritizes cutting-edge technology and ecological sustainability. Their agile approach focuses on innovative, modular design to minimize life cycle costs and streamline maintenance for bus operators. With superior spare part compatibility and a commitment to European high-tech solutions, Jeti aims to revolutionize electric transit with lower emissions and operational costs.

About Shift Electric Mobility

Shift Electric Mobility started their journey in 2018 in Jönköping, Sweden by co-founders Thomas Sabathier and David Nord. The company provides aftermarkets fleet solutions for commercial electric vehicles. Their services range from repair & maintenance, mobile service, spare parts distribution to workshop safety and technical training. The Company operates in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. With 36 employees, several offices and workshops through the Nordics.

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