Shift is born through the partnership with OEM to empower their aftermarket’s in the Nordic region. Our team provides the high skills and local knowledge with short lead time, connecting directly with the OEM professionals supporting with aftersales and R&D departments.

Fleet solutions with OEM

Repair & Maintenance

Through our network of workshops and mobile service units (MSU) we offer a great solution for OEM to increase their presence in key geographical areas.

While our MSU are based in +35 municipalities through the whole Nordics covering the whole territory, our workshops are located solely in capital areas such as Stockholm and Helsinki.

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Spare parts distribution

Spare parts are the key to strong and powerful aftermarket’s. Being the core of any repair and maintenance job and also the key to high uptime by making spare parts are available and dispatched fast, we offer a comprehensive distribution solution.

Our Nordic warehouse is located in Jönköping, Sweden, the heart of Nordic logistics.

With a central warehouse and key logistics partners we offer inNight delivery and next day delivery to most of our customers.

Through distribution agreement we take on the assignment, take care of the local product sortiment, replishniment, risk but also all customers care support and handling in the four countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

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Fleet solutions OEM

PDI and modification

We provide PDI and modification capabilities in our different workshops and/or through our mobile units if the location is off-site.

Together with OEM with handle fleet deliveries from harbour to fleet owners depot, ready for operation.

Through this journey we can allocate a dedicated and experience project manager, skilled mechanics and technicians to perform the PDI control and modification on the vehicles. We have handled different fleet sizes delivery from 2 to 120 units at once.

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Fleet solutions OEM SHIFT E-Mobility

Customer onboarding and education

Smooth vehicle handout is the start of a great journey for fleet owners. By creating an onboarding journey for your customers together we us we secure a smooth customer journey for the whole fleet lifecycle.

Our education programmes includes:

  • Safety workshop training

  • Technical service workshop training

  • Firefighting department information

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Ready to say hello?

Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.