About us

About us

We offer our customers electric mobility after markets. Shift offers services such as fleet technical support, mobile service, spare parts management and distribution, safety training and EV education.

The shift is electric. ​

SHIFT is born entirely electric. We have done nothing but work with heavy electric vehicles before. We truly believe that electric mobility is the future of transportation in cities. SHIFT designs tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable after markets for heavy electric vehicles.

  • Vision: Enabling electrification.​

  • Mission: We make sure people can keep moving seamlessly. With innovative & sustainable actions, we shift the aftersales mindset.​

  • Values: Dare – Care – Share​

  • Motto: The Nordics leading EV expert

Shifts company values
e mobility company

The industry is shifting.​

While many actors wait to see if electrification will pick up, we accelerate the change. Within the next 5 years, most of the new busses and trucks in inner cities in Europe will be electric driven. Since our start in 2018, we have developed innovative and sustainable solutions to accompany our customers in this journey towards electrification.

Today, we offer the most complete solution and largest network of EV knowledge and competencies in the whole Nordic region.

The shift is electric

High voltage.​

Our specialty is high voltage. Since we are born electric we know nothing else than high voltage and battery-driven vehicles. Heavy electric vehicles whether they are trucks or buses need specific experience and training to be fully qualified to work with tomorrow’s technology. We have created and run our internal training and certifications to set the standard for the industry.​

Beyond the expected.​

Beyond the expected.​

We offer continuous assistance to our customers. Our services go beyond the expected and our dedicated team always goes the extra mile to serve our customers. 

Contact us today to get the most out of your current fleet or to learn more about our services.

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Shift Electric Mobility strive a open business climate and high business ethics. We protect safety, security and respect for all the people in our surroundings. It can only succeed if You are involved. That's why we use a whistleblower service that gives everyone an opportunity to inform if there are suspicions of a serious misconduct or certain types of wrongdoing. Completely anonymous of course. Everything to safeguard good corporate governance and preserve both customers' and the public's trust in us.

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Ready to say hello?

Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.